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Climb Gear of the year 2014

Rebel Pro Gtx vince il premio "Climb Gear for the year 2014"

Il modello REBEL PRO GTX, appartenente alla linea mountain elite, conferma il suo successo nel mercato, vincendo il premio "gear of the year 2014", assegnatogli dalla rivista inglese Climb (

Nel commento di premiazione si legge "The Rebel Pro are a radical rethink on winter climbing boots, being far lighter but more dexterous and precise for climbing than any traditional alpine boots. They are lightly insulated and completely waterproofed with Gore-Tex® (in the form of in effect a sealed inner sock of Gore-Tex ICF - Insulated Comfort Footwear) to keep your feet both dry and warm. Whilst a good fit is very much dependent on the shape of the wearer’s feet, for many the fit is snug and very supportive with a good heel hold. This is due to the ‘Sock-Fit’ and the new NAG last (also specifically developed by Ueli Steck) and a graduated carbon midsole which gives outstanding precision and sensitivity on mixed and delicate terrain."  

Feedback positivi vengono espressi da Ian Parnell, Climb's Associated Editor, il quale ha potuto testare il prodotto durante il BMC International Winter Climbing Meet, meeting di arrampicata invernale che si è svolto dal 26 gennaio al 2 febbraio 2014 in Scozia. Ian esprime un giudizio positivo confermando che "These are by far the lightest winter boots I’ve used and as a result were a real help with the precise footwork needed on things  like Centurion that I climbed that week. They also held up well to the deep snow trail breaking we had to do, keeping my toes surprisingly warm for boots of this weight. It would be interesting to see how they fared in the  Alps in winter, but for Scotland they are perfect.’"

Peso 1300g -size 42)
MAY 2014



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